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Fiat Palio for SALE in Bangalore

Well Groomed Fiat Palio For Sale

If you are a denizen of Bangalore, and like the comfort of good Italian Job, here’s your chance. The Fiat Palio  EL 1.2  if not in pristine condition, certainly a well maintained one is now in the viewing gallery. Pedigreed Italian engineering maintained with loving care by two doting owners, make this beauty, worth a look. It is the mid range model in the Fiat Palio stable.

Launched in 2002 this work horse with riding comfort has done a lot of running, at 98k Km, it is not that high for us Indians is it? But it has a lot of steam. 54 kW of it to give you the power you need, especially on the long distance runs. You may not even have to coax it to do so. If your runs include the ring roads in Bangalore or any of the express ways you will find a highway cruiser in a league of its own. The Palio has created a track record for itself as a performance vehicle. It was a European success story. Its successors have yet to stake that claim.

The Fiat 1.2 EL packs 1000 kg in body weight, just what you need for a stable cruise, maybe even at high speeds. This is further stabilized by the 165/80 R13 tires. This is something reviewers on the net vouch for. Air Conditioning and stereo system can only enhance that smooth ride. What’s more the package is secured with a central locking system. Superb noise damping allows a relatively quieter ride. This feature will probably will not let you actually feel the speed you are driving at.

Italian make Fiat Palio for SALE

Don’t feel hampered by its hatchback looks, the 260 liter boot space is enough to pamper you. The adjustable seats allow you the reclining angle of your preference. The comfortable interiors make the driving even more attractive like true beauty would.

For those with economy in mind, the Fiat Palio has dignified fuel efficiency. Given the right conditions it can go up to 15 km/liter – on mixed (including hilly) roads. Did you not know getting the right mileage is an art form? Most people expect to get a fuel efficiency guaranteed. Most manufacturers will give you fuel efficiency ratings in test conditions. It must be remembered that beauty need nurturing. Doing what it takes is half the solution to mileage. Pray, how many Fiat Palios do you find for resale? Most of the time the advice given is ‘grab it before it goes’. The true hall mark of a coveted beauty is that it is sought after.

In India managing servicing of cars is never an issue, in a city like Bangalore maintaining a car cannot be very challenging. Wasn’t it just the other day I saw a Fiat of the 60s vintage cruising gracefully in Bangalore? Only an auto produced from the labors of a devoted Italian car maker could make the durability possible.

So in the end you would like to know how someone wants to sell a dream. It can only be with reluctance.

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