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Palio Mileage

An interesting aspect of the Palio’s mileage is the misconception generally people have owing to the fact that it is a heavy vehicle for a small car.

However please read this thread in www.team-bhp.com and it will surely help you get a new idea of its mileage.

This post is from extreme_torque in team-bhp and it is as follows:

I read across forums and hear it from people that the Palio 1.2 NV or not is not fuel efficient. I wonder if its really true. I purchased a Nokia N82 which comes with GPS in April and I have been using this to see the accuracy of the odometer and the speedometer of my Palio and the other cars I drive.
First thing, almost all cars that I drove barring my 2002 Palio 1.2 have a speedo error to the tune of 10% or even more. My Palio is almost dead accurate with hardly a difference of .2kmph or .3 kmph @ 60 compared to the reading on GPS.
My cousin’s Santro at 60 kph on speedo was actually doing 53.XX on GPS
My friends wagon-R at 60 kph on speedo was actually doing 54.xx on GPS and same was the case with Safari, Tavera, Indica, Innova et. all.
Secondly, the odometer on my car under reads by more than 3%. When the GPS showed the actual distance travelled as 32 kms, the odometer showed 30.7 kms. Compairing it with the other cars like the Santro and the Wagon-R, the odometer over reads by close to 10%. The same distance in the santro was 35 kms and so was the Wagon-R.
Now if I were to compare the Palio with other cars in the market, the speedo under reads by over 12% which is a huge difference becuase the fuel efficiency is calculated using the trip or the odometer in the car.
So if my Palio gives me an average of 10 kmpl, the average in any other small car would have been 11.2 kmpl!
My Palio has been consistently giving me 11-12kmpl with A/C which equates to 13-14 kmpl for other cars. Now you tell me, is it really in-efficient for a 1 tonne + car with a 1.2 litre engine to give you 13+ kmpl with A/C in city conditions.
I rest my case.

I would request other Palio owners to come up with their calculations if they can and post their fuel efficiency figures.

P.S. I dont really understand how FIAT can overlook this. We all know they didnt re-caliberate the brazilian version and that has hurt the fuel efficiency big time and hence a lot of potential customers

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