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My story

I am Fiat Palio 1.2 EL.

I was born in the year 2002. I don’t quite remember the month.What I do remember though is that a lot of  robotic hands were used to make me .And in fact it was one of them who cut my umbilical cord which was extending all the way to Italy.

On my way through the assembly line,I remember over hearing a bunch of Italians on how proud and happy they were of the performance of  one of my cousins named Ferrari who was being driven by a German named Michael Schumacher. It seems the partnership of Ferrari and Schumacher was such a great one that he was on the formula 1 podium for every race of the year. That was unprecedented and I believe, is still a record.
He infact later drove me once and this is the video.
So here I am : from paper to life.

I came with 4 cylinders which exploded petrol within a cubic capacity of 1242cc.Each of those cylinders had 2 valves each.The size of tyres are 165/80 R13.I have both heater and AC.My clutch is hydraulic too.I was out of the factory and into a showroom.

My master was Mr Mohan .He took care of me for about 6 yearsAnd we had covered 43000 kms.We had a few long drives, mainly too Calicut.It was during one of these drives that a small stone from a truck ahead hit my windscreen and got a crack .Luckliy I got a brand new windscreen soon.Unfortuanately our partnership could not continue as he had to leave to Singapore.

My second life started in nov 2008 and

Till date he is my master,who rather we I should say covered many a mile.
My first long drive with him too was to Kerala. The roads treat me well till I reach Gods own country.I had also taken him to Pondicherry a few times ,Chennai  and Hyderabad. The top speed that I have been pushed to is 120 , in the Bangalore-Salem stretch.

I did happen to be taken to the clinic a few times.Mostly I was taken to authorized centres,in whitefield ,
Silk board , and Hebbal.Once my lever which controls the lights  got jammed and had to be replaced.
Then the usual old age problems like lower ball joints were also replaced.

And now that he has a second and a bigger car,even though he got me serviced with
a whole lot of new spare parts I am up for sale.